NURSES WEEK 2017 – May 10

Today as the Wednesday of Nurses Week, is School Nurses Day. School Nurses play a huge role in managing the health care of our children. They conduct eye and hearing tests, instruct teachers and other lay people how to handle situations when faced with students with conditions such as seizures, mental health challenges and diabetes.  They oversee and instruct techs in administering medications during the school day and assessing for urgent needs.

Unfortunately, more and more school districts are moving to use lay people as health clerks and having the minimum number of school nurses to meet the bare necessities of the school district. This has proven to has be a dangerous situation. Playground injuries for one are all too often treated inappropriately due to a lack of education and skill in assessment. Notification of parents is delayed or non-existent and diagnostics, and treatment delayed to a dangerous level. It is important for parents, and all health care professionals to advocate for more school nurses. Celebrate National School Nurses Day by campaigning for MORE school nurses in your local district.

Today’s #GiveAway continues the theme of mindfulness and balancing mind, body and spirit. Elizabeth Scala MSN/MBA, RN is a very busy woman as an author, keynote speaker, reiki master, podcaster, and blogger. Her focus is on helping nurses rediscover their love for the nursing profession, deal with and avoid burnout, and how to use self help techniques such as reiki to replenish and repair when work takes too much from us. “Before you quit nursing,”find your way back to the passion and love for nursing!

Elizabeth also spearheads The Art of Nursing, A Nurses Week Event seminar along with 12 nursing expert presenters this year. 

Many Thanks to Elizabeth who has kindly donated a copy of her book, Stop Nurse Burnout, for our #giveaway today.

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