• Nurses Month Has Begun!

    20% Off Selected Scrubs Nurses month has begun! In celebration of Nurses Month, Scrubs and Beyond is offering a 20% off sale from today through May 14. Please use the affiliate links below to get your discount and The Nursing Site earns a small commission when you purchase. Thank you! 20% off DICKIES at Scrubs & Beyond! 20% off CHEROKEE at Scrubs &  Beyond! 20% OFF CHEROKEE WORKWEAR AT SCRUBS & BEYOND! 20% OFF HEARTSOUL AT SCRUBS & BEYOND! 20% OFF HEALING HANDS AT SCRUBS & BEYOND! 20% OFF MED COUTURE AT SCRUBS & BEYOND! 20% OFF ROTHWEAR AT SCRUBS & BEYOND! 20% OFF WONDERWINK AT SCRUBS & BEYOND! If…

  • Give Away Error – please resend

    If you emailed your entry to TheNursingSite yesterday (5/12) please be sure to send another entry! The link was in error. IT HAS BEEN FIXED NOW. Shades of how my day went! Please resend email to TheNursingSite link. If you didn’t already enter…. enter today. See rules in yesterday’s post Thank YOU!!!

  • Nurses Week Concludes with Give Aways

    This year, Nurses Week concludes with Give Aways. May 12 is the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) and it marks the conclusion of Nurses Week every year. May 12 is also International Nurses Day. I hope you have done something special for yourself to honor not only YOU but all of your fellow nurses. Employers are never the best at planning events. Non-nurses never really get it and they are usually the ones delegated to do something if at all. It’s simply not feasible to offer significant raises, or extra days off or all-expenses vacations which we are all deserving. It’s always up to us to reap…

  • Nurses Week Give Aways Delayed

    My apologies, but our Internet service has been out for long hours today due to winds. I will back in the AM and set up the Nurses Week Give Aways and will leave the contest open through the rest of the week.

  • Self Care Matters!

    Self Care Matters! No one taught you this in nursing school although it should be part of Nursing 101! The past 2 years have taught us that it is vital to survival. Burnout and caregiver fatigue are REAL and a threat to very existence. May is Nurses Month and it’s also Mental Health Month. As many would say, there is no such thing as coincidence. So it’s high time to join the effort and TAKE CARE of YOU! (Mental Health resources here.) Sleep Issues One of the things that leads to, or contributes heavily to, burnout and caregiver fatigue is poor sleep! Poor sleep also leads to health issues. The…