• Nurses Month Has Begun!

    20% Off Selected Scrubs Nurses month has begun! In celebration of Nurses Month, Scrubs and Beyond is offering a 20% off sale from today through May 14. Please use the affiliate links below to get your discount and The Nursing Site earns a small commission when you purchase. Thank you! 20% off DICKIES at Scrubs & Beyond! 20% off CHEROKEE at Scrubs &  Beyond! 20% OFF CHEROKEE WORKWEAR AT SCRUBS & BEYOND! 20% OFF HEARTSOUL AT SCRUBS & BEYOND! 20% OFF HEALING HANDS AT SCRUBS & BEYOND! 20% OFF MED COUTURE AT SCRUBS & BEYOND! 20% OFF ROTHWEAR AT SCRUBS & BEYOND! 20% OFF WONDERWINK AT SCRUBS & BEYOND! If…

  • Nurses Month is Rapidly Approaching

    Nurses Month is rapidly approaching! May 1st is next week. May 6 is Nurses Day in the US. May 12 is the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale and International Nurses Day. The theme as designated by the American Nurses Association is You Make a Difference. The focus this year is on Self-care, Recognition, Professional Development, and Community Engagement. Although we can never count on employers to recognize us, the one thing that each and every nurse has control over is self-care. Taking even 10 to 15 minutes everyday to commit to self-care and self-recognition of all that you do is vital to your health and well-being as well…

  • Honors for The Nursing Site

    I would like to thank Berxi Insurance once again for bestowing honors for The Nursing Site as one of the Best Nursing Bloggers Around . We are always honored and humbled to be in such distinguished company. Berxi is one of the leading malpractice insurance companies servicing nurses. Please check out their website and the other bloggers, blogs and vlogs they have honored for 2023. The fantastic list of 30 sites includes six different topic and audience categories for nursing students, new nurses and seasoned nurses. Congratulations to all of the other sites honored.

  • Happy New Year 2023

    Happy New Year 2023! Ring out the old. Discard the bad and unnecessary from the past. Open the door to new experiences, challenges and successes! Drink in all the new energy and recharge. There is lots to do in 2023!

  • The Mumbo Jumbo of Healthcare Communication

    The issue of healthcare illiteracy continues to grow especially as technology advances in healthcare practice. Only about 12% of the population can speak “medicalese.” Nurses and doctors speak with a mumbo jumbo of healthcare communication techniques and vocabulary that more often than not serve to confuse and bewilder patients and family members at some of the most significant points in their lives. If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation of being given a terrible diagnosis, or been with a family member or friend as the news was delivered, you know how overwhelming that scenario is. The moment the practitioner says words like cancer, HIV, heart failure, diabetes, etc., the…