Can I Write for The Nursing Site?

Can I write for

The Nursing Site logoTo answer your question, yes I do accept a limited number of #guestposts a year. But you have to WOW me with your pitch and adhere to the following writer’s guidelines. Contact me here!

PLEASE READ the following information BEFORE you contact me!



Please DO NOT send your email to my personal email addresses!

I DO NOT publish whitepapers and school-related papers/writings to fulfill your degree assignments! Please don’t ask, I am no longer responding to those who do.


Important NOTE: Please understand that I have a rudimentary editorial calendar setup and I plug in very few guest posts as I can or have a need for.Understand that I may not answer you right away, and need advanced notice of at least 2 weeks to plan for a publication date.

Writer’s Guidelines:

  • Suggest a subject matter that pertains to the nursing profession, student nurses, new nurses and/or seasoned nurses.  I won’t publish posts that aren’t related to nursing!!!!! This includes things like disease related posts, Gudes to treatment from specific diseases etc.
  • You will have about 600-800 words to write the best post possible.
  • Your content must be Unique, Not previously published, and Not in violation of any copyright.
  • I reserve the right to refuse to publish.
  • I reserve the right to edit your post for SEO, readability, accuracy, grammar and spelling (although if there are too many errors and I won’t accept it.)
  • Provide 1-3 links to support your findings.
  • Provide 1-3 photos that you have the right to use. Suggested sites: Pixabay, Unsplash, DepositPhotos, Wikimedia Commons and provide the citations as required by the site or photographer. NEVER use Getty Images or StockPhoto unless you have purchased the rights to use!!!! I can provide photos if you don’t have access.
  • If you wish, you can add short Bio and One link to your website.
  • #Guestposts are UNPAID. You will receive credit and you can use the link on your writer’s website or provide to editors as published credit.

Need a Review?

If you want your product, book, app, etc. reviewed, contact me and we’ll arrange for a review copy and marketing materials to be provided. It MUST be nursing related!

Sponsored Posts

For information on Sponsored Posts (which are rare on my site) — contact me here for guidelines and fees. Please note: I charge a minimum of $200 for each sponsored post. They MUST be nursing related!