• Happy Mother’s Day

    Often Mother’s Day falls somewhere within Nurses Week which makes it a double-good celebration. Whether you are a mother or not, we all have had mothers. I hope you have all had time to celebrate with your loved ones or had some great phone calls or Face Times. I hope you’re enjoying your Nurses Week. Take time to honor yourself and practice essential self care routines. Self care is so very important for all nurses!! Stay tuned in….Later in the week, I will announce a couple of Give Aways and provide rules to participate.  

  • Happy Nurses Month – Freebies and Discounts

    Everyone is used to Nurses Week from May 6-12 each year, but in honor of the WHO’s designation of 2020 as the Year of the Nurse, May was also designated Nurses Month. Nurses are in the news constantly for their heroic measures in the war against COVID19. Here are some important links to Freebies and Discounts for Nurses during Nurses Week May 6-12. Some have regional or local restrictions and some are national offers. Some are for all COVID19 front line health care workers and first responders.  There are lots of overlaps, but each has some unique discounts too. Check them carefully for instructions on how to redeem. Find some…

  • 2019 Nurses Week Day 2

    Happy Nurses Week Day 2 There are MANY freebies and discounts for Nurses this week. Please be sure to check in your local newspapers or Google Nurses Week Deals [your city]. You may need special codes and or to show your nurses license.  Remember this is about Celebrating YOU! You make a difference in your patient’s lives every day whether you ever know it for sure or not. Don’t wait for your employer to do something (possibly disappointing). Take care of YOU and enjoy the freebies and discounts. The ANA (American Nurses Association) is presenting a free ceu webinar. Be sure to Register for the free ceu webinar/twitter chat, Nurses…

  • Happy Nurses Week!

    Today is Nurses Day and it’s all about YOU! Whether or not you receive a gift or a meal or a token thank you from your employer, you need to take the time to reflect on YOU. Why you became a nurse. What motivates you to continue? And thank about ALL of the times you have made a difference for someone. This is what makes YOU a great nurse. Celebrate YOU!!!

  • Are You Ready for Nurses Week?

    Nurses Week 2018 is rapidly approaching. May 6-12  each year is set aside to honor the nursing profession. The American Nurses Association theme for 2018 is Nurses Inspire Innovate Influence.  This certainly captures nursing and what nurses do every day! It should be an easy theme to build your celebration around. Every year I hear more and more nurses grumble because nothing was done for them! I’ve been there myself, and it’s indeed very disappointing. Simple gestures go a long way to make people feel appreciated. I know way too many managers who have no idea how to make staff feel appreciated, and have no idea how to plan any…