Nurses Week 2017 — May 11

I hope you have been enjoying Nurses Week. Have you had some of the free food and discounts we listed on Nurses Day? Please be sure to avail yourself of these. It helps to spread the awareness of nurses in your community and just might encourage someone to join our profession.

The other thing is to remember always that as nurses we make a difference in someone’s life everyday! We may never know how or when with some of our patients or families, but there will be those who touch our hearts and leave a lasting impression.

It’s easy to grumble that Nurses week means nothing and your employer gave you yet another water bottle with the company logo. Or maybe nothing at all and no acknowledgement of the event. But what we have to remember is that if they gave us those fantasy items such as another week of vacation, a huge raise or bonus check, etc., we’d find ourselves lacking definitively in another important area. Stop and take a moment to honor yourself, your colleagues and all nurses!

Safe Patient Staff Ratios
Patient staff ratios was the point Nurses Take DC on May 4 & 5  were trying desperately despite horrible weather conditions and daily events happening in the govt to make known the cause of Safe Patient-Nurse Ratios.

We know that medication errors, mortality rates and quality of care are directly related to these ratios. Some states have stricter ratios than others and it’s in everyone’s best interest to make it a national law with protecting patient’s lives at the helm of the legislation.

We also know that poor staffing ratios play a huge part in nurse burnout and contribute to poor health habits for all nurses. As we celebrate mindfulness for nurses and promoting healthy nurses, we must stand with our colleagues in supporting Safe Patient-Staff ratios. View the event on YouTube.

Today’s #GiveAway

Today we have a great #GiveAway from nurse author  Lois Gerber RN, BSN, MPH who “believes in the spirit of community health nursing – its focus on wellness, relationships, families, and communities. Her BSN, MPH in Nursing, and Specialist in Aging certificate opened many professional doors. She’s worked in home health agencies, public health departments, and an Area Agency on Aging. She’s taught nursing students on the university level and has counseled families dealing with elder care issues. For forty some years, Lois has helped people of all ages, various religions and ethnicities, and different socioeconomic levels. These stories reflect her experiences.”

In addition to several great books about nursing, Lois has written 2 novels. She is generously donating a Kindle Version of Your Choice from her books.  Thanks so much Lois!!!

Once again, please Comment here or on our Facebook page AND email me your contact information to be entered into the random drawing for one of our Nurses Week #GiveAways.

Happy Nurses Week!

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