NURSES WEEK 2017 — May 9

Beth Boynton RN, MS has written a new book Medical Improv A New Way to Improve Communication! The book teaches the user to train others in an emerging skill using Improv to help educate patients as well as health care professionals. Beth is also the author of Successful Nurse Communication: Safe Care, Healthy Workplaces, & Rewarding Careers (F. A. Davis 2015).

Beth blogs at Confident Voices in Healthcare, where you’ll find fabulous information and resources for nurses and a Code for 20% off when you purchase her Medical Improv book through 5/14/17.

She has generously donated a copy for us to #GiveAway today. (THANKS BETH!!) Remember to comment here OR on the Facebook page. Then Email me your Contact Info to be officially entered in the random drawing. Winners will be announced May 20.

Check out this great new book for yourself….

Welcome to the emerging field of Medical Improv! Medical Improv is an exciting new teaching tool! Its experiential activities hold great promise for persistent challenges we face in healthcare by promoting the ‘soft’ skills involved in emotional intelligence, communication, collaboration, and leadership.
This train-the-trainer resource is designed to help educators teach the “soft” skills that healthcare professionals need to positively impact patient safety, patient experience, workforce health, and the efficient use of resources. Because these skills are not intellectual, they require a non-traditional approach that fosters new behaviors. Medical Improv is a fun and effective strategy.”

Happy Nurses Week. Don’t forget to COMMENT and email me your contact info. I won’t spend days trying to track you down!!!

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