Today, May 8, is National Student Nurses Day and we have a special guest post to help provide some useful financial tips for nursing students from an aspiring freelancer writer Lauren Davidson.

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Managing Finances and Lifestyle While Attending Nursing School

Being a nurse is a rewarding career, allowing you to take care of others in many different environments. Nurses are in demand across the country, giving nurses incredible job security. But while nursing is an attractive job option, getting through nursing school can be a challenge — both in terms of stress and finances.

Nursing school keeps you incredibly busy, between clinical rotations, lectures, labs, simulations, and standing on your feet all day. On top of the actual time spent in class and at school, nursing school students spend quite a bit of time in study groups, doing homework, reviewing lessons, and preparing outside of class for the next day’s work.

In addition to the stress of nursing school, paying for your education can be costly. Many are required to take out loans, but there is a pretty common solution to this such as finding scholarships. While that is a go-to for handling tuition, nursing students are expected to pay for text books, scrubs, study guides, basic equipment such as a lab kit and stethoscope, and more. Combined with the hectic class schedule, managing finances can be incredibly difficult for any nursing student.

But there are ways that nursing students can save money while getting their degree. Read on to learn how you can save money while in nursing school — and come out ready to take on the world!

Buy Smart, Borrow When Possible

When it comes to nursing school supplies, one of the biggest expenses that you will likely face each semester will be your textbooks. Your books will easily cost four or five hundred dollars each semester — or more, if the professor decides to order a new edition of the book. One way around this dilemma is to get smart when it comes to buying your books.

Start by getting to your campus bookstore as soon as possible after the class book list is released. Look for used copies of the books that you need. If they aren’t available, check for them online on sites such as Amazon. You may even be able to rent your books from Amazon or other sites. Otherwise, check with older nursing students or even nurses at your local hospital. They may still have copies of their old nursing books that will work for your needs. Just be sure that these books are accurate and up-to-date so that you aren’t using old information in your classes.

For NCLEX review books, consider pitching in with your study group to buy one copy of the book to share. Since you’ll be meeting together to work and prep for these exams, it makes sense to share one copy of these pricey books. If you buy your own NCLEX review books, limit yourself to just one or two books rather than buying multiple review books.

When it comes to nursing supplies, you’ll be required to buy a new lab kit each semester. But for items such as a lab coat or stethoscope, you may be able to borrow this gear from an older student or a nurse if you are particularly cash-strapped. That way, you’ll be able to hold off on getting them when you are in school — and then use the gear provided by your employer once you are employed after graduation. Alternatively, check online for nursing supplies — blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, and other needed items will likely be far less expensive than those offered in the campus bookstore.

For scrubs, even though your nursing school may offer a discount for a local scrub shop, be sure to shop around to make sure that you are really getting the best deal. Online retailers like My Nursing Uniforms and All Heart may have lower prices than those offered by the local store.

Take Advantage of Student Discounts

Whether you’re a nursing student or any other type of student, many stores, restaurants, and other businesses offer discounts to anyone with a student ID. These discounts may help you say a few dollars on a movie ticket, $10 on a new shirt, or 15% on a meal at a restaurant. It’ll all add up in the long-run — and help you balance your budget more effectively!

Guest post by Lauren Davidson, a soon-to-be graduate from the University of Pennsylvania and aspiring freelance writer laurendavidson.com


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