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Register NOW for the FREE webinar from the American Nurses Association entitled A Nurse’s Guide to Preventing Compassion Fatigue, Moral Distress, and Burnout. Receive 1.9 CE and enjoy a great discussion. Deadline to register is Tuesday, May 9, and the webinar is scheduled for May 10.

Nurse.com offers a Free Resource Guide. Check it out.

I hope you’re enjoying Nurses Week.  Hopefully you’re enjoying some of the freebies we posted yesterday. Today is Day 2 of Nurses Week and as a Sunday I hope you have the day off to relax and replenish; if not this week, hopefully next weekend.

A book I’d like to recommend is The Mindful Nurse by Carmel Sheridan. It truly fits well with the Nurses Week theme for 2017, Nursing: The Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit.  I’ve been enjoying it and trying out many of the suggested exercises.

Burnout and Compassion Fatigue is one of the biggest issues we face as nurses. Our lives are so fast-paced and full we don’t always take the time to STOP and replenish ourselves and then hit the wall going 90 mph! It’s essential to not only our own health and well-being, but to the safety and quality of our practice as nurses to learn to be mindful and grounded. Carmel Sheridan MA, MSc is a psychotherapist and knows her stuff in helping nurses learn to care for the caregiver.  This book is a must for EVERY NURSE!!!

Today’s Nurses Week Give-Away is a FREE Kindle version of this truly fabulous book, The Mindful Nurse. 

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