A Year in Review for The Nursing Site Blog

Here’s my list of top viewed posting on The Nursing site Blog for 2015. Although some of them are from previous years, they still rank among the top-viewed postings for 2015.  It has been an eventful year, and looking back there are a few surprises to this list, but welcome ones indeed.

The one post that remains constantly in the Top 10 blog posts for the year is How to Perform a Head to Toe Assessment. I have also given you some documentation tips for how to describe your findings.


Jennifer Johnson at Nurse Practitioner Schools shared a post 101 Blog Posts Every New Nurse Should Raed that garners a lot of traffic for The Nursing Site Blog.

The next post that seems to hover at the top of the list is the Forum for Home Health Nurses. Although the original links for that post are no longer active, I find that I get a lot of FaceBook likes for my HomeHealth101.com page. I hope to work on this more in 2015 as intermittent, skilled Home Health care is one of the fastest growing fields for nurses. So it also didn’t surprise me that my post for my latest book, Exploring the Home Health Care Experience was among the top postings for 2015 as well.

Becoming a Nurse- What Does it Entail? is a guest post that has had some significant traffic this year. My posts on About.com years ago were always the most popular there and many of those articles can be found on my website TheNursingSite.com today.

Documentation is always something nurses struggle with and my post for Sample Documentation seems to continue to ride high on the list of blog posts here. I’m going to be doing some workshops in 2016 on the topic especially for home health care, and plan to put together a You Tube video and other tools.

The Top 5 Interesting Facts About Medical Equipment is another guest post that has scored some big traffic. There are some interesting and not well-known facts to discover.

Health Insurance for ER Nurses was another guest post with a different twist. It gets lots of page views and offers some good thoughts about this more dangerous niche for nurses and other healthcare workers.

Not Your Doctors Stethoscope is a guest post from the designer of  a very nice piece of jewelry for nurses. The phrase gained popularity in response to the disparaging remarks about nurses on The View after the Miss America Pageant. Nurses continue to show great ingenuity with a variety of products.

And finally, surprisingly, my rant about SPAM in Comments has seen a lot of traffic too. I merely spelled out the rules and told spammers they would be reported to Google. Comments should be reserved for open discussion of the blog post topics among nurses and those interested in a nursing career and not those who want to spread SPAM about miracle cures for herpes and the likes!

Thanks for taking this look back with me. Hope to have you stop in often in 2016 and see what’s happening in the world of TheNursingSiteBlog.

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Happy New Year!!!

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