• A Year in Review for The Nursing Site Blog

    Here’s my list of top viewed posting on The Nursing site Blog for 2015. Although some of them are from previous years, they still rank among the top-viewed postings for 2015.  It has been an eventful year, and looking back there are a few surprises to this list, but welcome ones indeed. The one post that remains constantly in the Top 10 blog posts for the year is How to Perform a Head to Toe Assessment. I have also given you some documentation tips for how to describe your findings. www.happynewyearwishes.org Jennifer Johnson at Nurse Practitioner Schools shared a post 101 Blog Posts Every New Nurse Should Raed that garners…

  • Head to Toe Assessment

    A head to toe assessment involves assessment of the 11 body systems including Neuro, Respiratory, Circulatory, Integumentary, GI, GU, Reproductive, Muscular, Skeletal, Endocrine, Lymphatic/Immune systems. One of my most popular articles has always been the Head to Toe Assessment.   Student nurses and nurse educators have used this page quite often, and I have posted it on [UPDATED LINK] ANewNurse.com today. I have added a few recommended books at the bottom of the page for further reading on assessment skills for nurses. Photo: Dilated pupils by Kathy Quan