Not Your Doctor’s Stethoscope

 By Kathleen Suta, RN BScN

There has always been controversy surrounding the ever-evolving role and public image of nurses. The confusion is understandable, since nursing has such a vast number of facets it shines in a multitude of clinical settings including high paced emergency rooms, demanding neonatal intensive care units, high acuity research centers, the expansive public health sector and countless more. The important thing to remember is that we all have the same basic goal, to assist in the betterment of mankind.

The idea behind Heart a Nurse is to empower nurses, unify all areas of the profession and express the key aspects of any nursing role: knowledge and compassion. The heart and the stethoscope featured on our flagship necklace symbolize these core attributes.

Our Heart and Stethoscope necklace will not only support nurses at home, but a fixed portion of each retail sale will be given to NGO healthcare endeavors in developing countries.

Find out more at heartanurse.com . Necklaces are currently available at pre-sale price on Kickstarter.

What a great idea for the gift-giving season. 

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