You are Much More Than “Just a Nurse”

Suzanne Gordon, author, lecturer, and patient advocate has a wonderful poster for sale on her website, entitled “just a Nurse.” This is something that should hang in every nurse’s station and workplace around the world. (And no, I don’t have any financial investment in this.)

Read more about the Things Nurses Really Do at TheNursingSite.com…. You are not “just a nurse;” you ARE a nurse.

Nurses save lives; nurses educate patients, family and caregivers; nurses help to control symptoms such as pain and provide comfort; nurses educate other nurses; nurses assess patients and demand appropriate care; nurses prevent errors and complications; nurses make a difference in someone’s life everyday!

Nursing is more than a job; it’s about a lifestyle. It’s about mentoring and educating everyone around you. Take credit for what you do and who your are! Stand up and expect to be recognized as part of the backbone of the health care system.