• Nurses Make a Difference…

    Nurses make a difference… Happy Nurses Day and Nurses Month! I know I’m a day late, but I had minor surgery and slept the day away. Had wonderful nursing care!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!

  • NY Nurse Practitioner Helps Shape Lives

    Miraclebody Jeans ran a contest in April 2010 to search for women who make a difference and help shape lives. Megan Sikorski of New York was one of the four women chosen. Megan is a Nurse Practitioner in pediatric oncology and bone marrow transplant at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in NY.  She is also a volunteer doula who specializes in working with under served single pregnant teens. Congratulations Megan!! You do make a difference!

  • You are Much More Than “Just a Nurse”

    Suzanne Gordon, author, lecturer, and patient advocate has a wonderful poster for sale on her website, entitled “just a Nurse.” This is something that should hang in every nurse’s station and workplace around the world. (And no, I don’t have any financial investment in this.) Read more about the Things Nurses Really Do at TheNursingSite.com…. You are not “just a nurse;” you ARE a nurse. Nurses save lives; nurses educate patients, family and caregivers; nurses help to control symptoms such as pain and provide comfort; nurses educate other nurses; nurses assess patients and demand appropriate care; nurses prevent errors and complications; nurses make a difference in someone’s life everyday! Nursing…

  • Happy Holidays!!

    Hope you all have a very happy holiday season. Let us all hope that 2009 dawns with new hope for a good year filled with good health, peace and prosperity for all. Take time to enjoy this time with family, friends, and yes, even your patients. The holidays can be difficult times especially for nurses who have to work. Thank you for all that you do for your patients!! Give yoursel a well deserved hug and pat on the back for a job well done!!! You will make a difference in someone’s life today and all through the holiday season as you do everyday. Take time to appreciate yourself!!

  • Nurses Making a Difference in Someone’s Life Everyday

    Today I read one of the most touching stories about a nurse named Laurie Van Damme who goes above and beyond to help mothers and families deal with the tragedy of a stillborn. Even those who cannot face the possibility of having the time to make closure, have found comfort in her efforts weeks and months after the event. Once the moment is gone, you cannot get it back again and for so many this is the most heartbreaking part of losing a baby. Having suffered an ectopic pregnancy many years ago, I know the pain of not having a baby to make closure with. So many hospitals just whisk…