Nurses Making a Difference in Someone’s Life Everyday

Today I read one of the most touching stories about a nurse named Laurie Van Damme who goes above and beyond to help mothers and families deal with the tragedy of a stillborn. Even those who cannot face the possibility of having the time to make closure, have found comfort in her efforts weeks and months after the event.

Once the moment is gone, you cannot get it back again and for so many this is the most heartbreaking part of losing a baby.

Having suffered an ectopic pregnancy many years ago, I know the pain of not having a baby to make closure with. So many hospitals just whisk away the stillborn and think that it is best for the family to forget and move forward.

This is a truly remarkable nurse and she makes nursing the tremendous profession that it is. Thank you Laurie!!!

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  • Karin, RN

    Wow, I was touched by this, although I never had a stillborn, just spontaneous miscarriage early in pregnancy. What a very kind thing to do for the grieving parents. Thanks for sharing.