Nurses are Calling for Change

The economy has quickly risen to the top of the list of issues facing the U.S. candidates running for office this year from local levels all the way to the Presidential candidates. No doubt that is a major issue on the minds of everyone regardless of their political party preferences. It is something that has to be addressed and fixed, and the sooner the better!

But we can’t let the health care crisis be lost in the process of trying to remain afloat financially. In fact the economic downturn directly affects the health care crisis. If we thought Americans couldn’t afford health care before they started losing their homes and savings in banks that are going under, they certainly can’t afford it now!

The shortage of nurses certainly isn’t going to improve as long as Congress continues to ignore the need for funding of educational opportunities. And unless we address the shortage of nurses, the health care crisis is not going to improve. Nurses and proper patient education are key to the success of any (improved) health care program.

Nurses and the Public Say It’s Time for a Change
, a collaborative article by Teri Mills, MS, RN, ANP, CNE and several colleagues looks at the health care crisis and the shortage of nurses and discusses this need for change. It’s a must read for nurses, and please be sure to voice your opinion in the poll in the second section. (You will need to register at Medscape Nurses if you aren’t a member already, but it’s FREE.) A National Nurse for America is a concept to explore and to grasp. Get the facts and voice our opinion.