Did You Feel That?

We were rolling and shaking this morning here in Southern CA. Fortunately it was just a “moderate” earthquake, and we have laws governing structures so that we don’t experience the level of damage a 5.4 quake could cause elsewhere in the world.

At the same time, we are reminded that there is a 5% chance that this can be a pre-quake to a much larger one within 24 hours and that makes for some serious nerves. It is also always a “drill” for a much larger disaster. We know that the BIG one will come someday.

As everyone jumped on their cell phones, we soon found the circuits jammed and access unavailable for at least 30 minutes. We haven’t had a strong jolt like this for a very long time here and that has allowed too many people to become complacent about emergency preparedness.

How prepared are you for a natural disaster in your area? Take a few minutes today to review your plans and examine your disaster kits for outdated materials.