Kaplan Publishing Needs Stories for Anthology

Kaplan Publishing has issued a call for nurse writers to contribute to an upcoming anthology entitled Kaplan Voices:Nurses series. For this portion of the anthology, entitled New Lives, the need is for nurses with experience working with babies in the first 28 days of their lives.

These stories would most likely come from OB-GYN nurses, NICU nurses, labor and delivery or newborn nursery nurses, nurse midwives, family practice or women’s health NPs, nurse lactation or childbirth educators, pediatric nurses, and any other nurses who have had experience caring for newborn infants.

Kaplan wants you to tell the story of your experience including “the babies you have cared for, the unique clinical and emotional challenges of caring for an infant, and what you’ve learned along the way.” They are looking for life-changing or life-defining experiences.

Stories must be true and from your own experience. Nurses must take care to protect the identity of patients with respect to HIPAA regs. The story must also be previously unpublished.

If your story is chosen to be published you will receive $100 and a complimentary copy of the book. Stories should be 1,000 to 2,500 words told in the first-person. They should be typed in 12-point Times Roman, double spaced. Email submissions are preferred, but they can be sent by mail as well.

Kaplan Publishing advises that due to the large volume of submissions, they cannot verify receipt nor issues updates. If your story is chosen, they will contact you and have you sign an agreement. You may submit more than one story.

Include your name, address, phone number and email address on all pages of your submission. Your story should have a title, as well as a beginning, middle and an end. Enrich it with details, descriptions and dialogue. Include a word count.

Deadline for submission is September 1, 2008. Email submissions to: KaplanNewLives@gmail.com. In the Subject Line place your story’s title and New Lives anthology for nurses

Paste the story into the body of the email or attach a Microsoft Word (doc.) file. Manuscripts accepted for publishing will be subject to editing. You will be given an opportunity to review the edited version.