• Need a National Nurse Now More Than Ever!!

    We need a National Nurse NOW to provide the leadership and guidance to help us provide the best quality health care possible in this decade and beyond. Here’s another tidbit of the games ANA is playing…. read and comment (there) please.

  • National Nurse Legislation Introduced

    The Office of the National Nurse had some very good news recently. HR 4601 was introduced in the House of Representatives by Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) to amend the Public Service Health Act and establish an Office of the National Nurse. Read more and please comment….. You can also make a pledge to support this campaign or send a letter or call your Representatives to support the bill. Sample letter and a phone script an be found on the National Nurse Website. photo: Earl Blumenauer (D-OR)

  • An Open Letter to Mrs. Michelle Obama

    Dear Mrs. Obama, As nurses, we were thrilled when the President announced during his State of the Union speech that you will be spearheading a comprehensive program to reduce childhood obesity. As you well know this is one of the fastest rising epidemics in our country. If we are indeed to make a difference and truly reform health care, then one of the most important steps we can take is to be proactive and prevent illness and complications. A large portion of skyrocketing health care costs can be attributed to paying for complications of preventable diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Obesity plays a huge role in these diseases…

  • AJN Editor Supports a National Nurse

    I was thrilled to see today that Diana Mason, editor-in-chief emeritus of The American Journal of Nursing has come out in support of an Office of the National Nurse after spending some time discussing the issue with nurses from the UK where they have this kind of national leadership for nurses. Read her comments in the AJN blog, Off the Charts as she poses the question, “Why doesn’t the U.S. have an Office of the National Nurse?”

  • Tell ANA You Support a National Nurse

    If you’d like to share your support of the Office of a National Nurse with the American Nurses Association, please send an email to the new CEO, Marla Weston, at marla.weston@ana.org. The ANA opposes the idea of the ONN, but have they polled the membership or do a few officers make these decisions on their own? This is a burning question. If you are a member of ANA have you been asked for your opinion about this issue, or other issues that ANA takes a stand on? Make your voice heard to the ANA on this issue. You should also read Nurse Ratched’s post.