Understanding the Nursing Process

Are you struggling with the Nursing Process? Most student nurses do, and for some, the process takes quite a while to become comfortable with. For RNs, nursing is not all about the task at hand such as a dressing change, or passing medications.

The nursing process is about seeing the whole patient and the factors that lead him to your door so to speak. Why is this middle-aged gentleman with CHF back again so soon? Why hasn’t this young woman learned about her diabetes and how to prevent such high blood sugars?

The process is about being a detective and finding ways to educate your patients and help them to improve their health status and outcomes. It involves examining a multitude of factors and developing a plan based on your nursing diagnoses. The process also involves evaluating the plan for effectiveness and tweaking it as needed.

Evaluating which patients have the greatest needs and what part of their nursing plans fit best into which part of your day helps you to prioritize and plan your schedule.