• Passing the NCLEX

    The winter holidays are over and it’s back to work and school. Hope you had a good time! Congratulations to those of you who recently graduated from nursing school or will be doing so soon. The next step will be to pass your NCLEX exam. Here’s a couple of links to some advice to help you calm your nerves and get you passed this step easily: Tips on Answering Nursing Board Exam QuestionsNCLEX Page (on The Nursing Site) Remember, you passed and completed your education. Now you just have to show what you learned…. you’ll do fine!!!

  • Links to Nursing Theories

    It must be term paper time because I keep getting inquiries about nursing theories and where to find resources. In addition to what I have posted on The Nursing Site, here’s a great site with links to the most common nursing theories. I’ll add it to my list on the site ASAP. If you have found a site to add to this list, please post a comment, or email me. Thanks!!! Good luck on your papers!!!

  • Having a Boring Student Rotation?

    So you’re bored with your Post Partum rotation. Well let this be your first lesson that nursing is not about YOU; it’s about the patients and the excellent level of care you are giving them! This rotation may not give you the adrenalin surge that you get in the ER or the ICU, but these patients are just as important. They need your help, understanding, education and caring. So rise to the occasion and meet this challenge. Not every patient will present you with a specific set of tasks or procedures to perform. You need to figure out what kind of care they need. If nothing else… where are their…

  • Get Organized and Reduce Your Stress

    Organizational skills are essential to nurses. In some areas they can be even more so such as for travel nurses, home health nurses, and advanced practice nurses with independent practices. Paper work is a huge nemesis and nurses who are not organized tend to struggle with the paperwork more than others. Paper work and documentation is a fact of life and the sooner you stop fighting it, the easier life can be. The better your organizational skills, the easier the paper work can be as well. The nursing process can help to organize nurses. Learning to prioritize tasks and patient needs is an excellent format for organizing the day’s work.…