• Nurses Need to Be the Change!

    I recently had the privilege to attend a Zoom session hosted by Lorie A. Brown RM, MN, JD of Empowered Nurses. The guest speaker was RaDonda Vaught, the former Tennessee nurse who was convicted in 2022 of criminally negligent homicide after injecting the patient with the wrong medication. This was after the Tennessee BON cleared her in 2020 and told her they “had bigger fish to fry.” How and why that changed two years later needs your attention!  You can watch the replay of the Zoom session. I encourage all nurses to watch the replay and to share it with colleagues and co-workers. Learn how Nurses Need to Be the…

  • Nurses Week GiveAway Contest Rules

    Nurses Week 2016 begins tomorrow, Friday May 6 and runs through Thurs. May 12 which is Florence Nightingale’s birthday. The American Nurses Association theme for Nurses Week this year is Culture of Safety; It Starts With You. Here are some FREE content GiveAways to get the party started…. Be sure to check out ANA’s FREE GiveAway WEBINAR, Culturally Congruent Care; Why Diversity Makes a Difference.  Fastaff Travel Nursing is running a contest and giving away two $500 Southwest Airlines gift cards  for nominating “someone who is a part of your nurse family and describe how he or she enhances your nurse experience.” See #fastaffnursefamily give-away.   TopRNtoBSN.com has created a guide…

  • Job Resources and National Nurses Week Theme

    I’ve been a bit slow to catch up on my emails and other reading. Here’s a great resource from ANA about Career Resources for New Grads. Also from ANA is the 2011 National Nurses Week Theme: Nurses Trusted to Care. Media guides and other info is available at the ANA site. National Nurses Week is May 6-12.

  • National Nurse Act Needs ANA Support- NOW

    The ANA has elected a new president to serve for the next two years. Her name is Karen Daley. I know that there are many of us who hope that the new board will be more devoted to supporting nurses and the nursing profession and less affected by the power and role as others have been in the past. To that end, I sincerely hope that the new ANA Board will look closely at the National Nurse proposal and add the ANA’s support to this very important issue. Kim McAllister at Emergiblog has written an excellent open letter to the ANA asking for their support of the National Nurse campaign.…

  • Tell ANA You Support a National Nurse

    If you’d like to share your support of the Office of a National Nurse with the American Nurses Association, please send an email to the new CEO, Marla Weston, at marla.weston@ana.org. The ANA opposes the idea of the ONN, but have they polled the membership or do a few officers make these decisions on their own? This is a burning question. If you are a member of ANA have you been asked for your opinion about this issue, or other issues that ANA takes a stand on? Make your voice heard to the ANA on this issue. You should also read Nurse Ratched’s post.