2018 Nurses Week – Give Away Day 2

How was your  Nurses Day? I hope you got some good food and maybe a token something to recognize all that you do. Remember, Nurses Week is about celebrating ourselves and the difference we make for others. If no one remembered to say Thank You to you…. say it yourself!!! And say it to your co-workers!

Today we have a couple of great Give Aways. Be sure to check the Rules to Enter and email your entry.

Nurse Invented Gift Set

Sarah Mott who owns Nurse Born Products has kindly donated the Nurse Invented Gift Set for one lucky US based winner.  The set includes:

  • Koala~Qlip Stethoscope Holder
  • Set of 30 Comprehensive Badge Reference Cards
  • Gripsors Bandage Scissors 5.5 inch with hook and gripping teeth

Read more about these great products and all of the other great items available from Nurse Born Products.

Thanks Sarah!!!

Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir 

Karen Ingalls has graciously donated a paperback copy of her award-winning book Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir for our Nurses Week Give Away (US based winner only.) 

Here’s a little about Karen. I
am a retired nurse, active blogger, author, and advocate. I do
presentations about gynecologic cancers, particularly ovarian. My
experience as a nursing student and practicing nurse was that there was
no (or very little) education or training on gyn. cancers. I find this
to still be true among medical students and nursing students. Even many
doctors are not aware of the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

When Karen Ingalls was
diagnosed with Stage II Ovarian Cancer, she realized how little she knew
about what was once called ”the silent killer.” As Ingalls began to
educate herself she felt overwhelmed by the prevalent negativity of
cancer. Lost in the information about drugs, side effects, and
statistics, Ingalls redirected her energy to focus on the equally
overwhelming blessings of life, learning to rejoice in each day and find
peace in spirituality.

Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir is a story of survival, and reminds readers that disease is not an absolute, but a challenge to recover. ALL PROCEEDS GO TO GYNECOLOGIC CANCER RESEARCH.

Thanks Karen!!!


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