2018 Nurses Week Give Aways – Day 3

Wow it’s Day 3 of our Nurses Week Give Aways. Don’t forget to register for the ANA webinar. Today is the last day to do so. What have you been doing to honor yourself this week? Take time for you. Even if it’s just a moment. Recognize YOU for all that you do for everyone!

Today’s Give Aways offer a little something sweet and a light for your safety when outdoors.


I was the lucky recipient of a delightful box of delicious candies from Sugarwish awhile back so I can highly recommend them! And I need to remind my family where they can get my Nurses Week gift!

Sugarwish takes the guesswork out of gifting allowing your favorite
Nurse to choose the candy gift they receive (so you don’t have to know
whether she’s craving Holland Mints, Caramel Creams, Swedish Fish or Roasted Almonds!).

Sugarwish starts as an e-card that seamlessly brings the recipient to
the Sugarwish virtual candy store, where they get to customize their
gift. The gift is then packed in a beautiful gift box, and delivered
lickety split. Sweet happiness. Delivered.

Sugarwish is generously donating a Sugarwish Duet to one lucky US based winner. Enjoy! Thanks Sugarwish!

Remember to see the Rules and enter to win any of our great Give Aways 
to make your Nurses Week complete!

MeKetta LED Solar Box

Safety is a big issue for nurses especially those who work shifts that begin or end (maybe both) in the dark. Inclement weather can cause visibility issues as well. The MeKetta LED Solar Box can make a difference for you. It’s very versatile and can be handheld or attached to anything from purses and backpacks to bicycles, strollers, dog leashes, etc. It’s 2 3/4” X 1 3/4” X 7/8” and has 10 LED lights. Charging options include using a standard micro USB cord (not included) for about an hour; or by sitting it in the sunlight for several hours. It continues to charge as long as it’s exposed to direct sunlight. There are 3 modes: solid light, slow blinking and fast blinking.

MeKetta Health and Safety Products has generously donated 2 LED Solar Boxes so we can choose 2 US based winners of this great Nurses Week Give Away. 
Thanks MeKetta!

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