Nurses Week 2018 Give Aways: Scrubs!

Happy National Nurses Day! I want each of you to do something special just for YOU today! Nursing is a field where we have to make and find our own rewards in what we do everyday and how we make a difference for someone every day.  We don’t always get thank you’s, and don’t often get to see a situation resolved fully. We’re always helping people move to the next step and handing them off. So do something to honor yourself today! (And every day!) 

1893, Mrs. Lystra E. Gretter and the Farrand Training School for Nurses
wrote an adaptation of the physician’s Hippocratic Oath for nurses. Nurses Day celebrations often include a reading or hand out of the Florence Nightingale Pledge.
Read it carefully and listen to the words. It is also often know as the
Nurse’s Oath and is frequently recited at graduation pinning

One way to honor yourself and celebrate nursing is to register and attend The Art of Nursing from May 7-10 –online. You can earn ceus by completing the tasks and you have until August 2018. There will be 12 30-minute videos included from some of your favorite nurse resources lead by Elizabeth Scala. Topics include Global Vision and Leadership, Teamwork and Collaboration, Clinical Innovation and Resilience and Self Care. The purpose is to reduce burnout and increase professional development. Access the videos on your own time frame. There will be 4 30-minute wrap-up video calls at the end of each day which you can participate in. Don’t miss this one! Register now!


We begin our week of Give Aways today with a bang! Scrubs are always something nurses want and need so we have a couple of donations to give away this week. 

Today I’ll start with Uniform Advantage who has graciously donated a $50 egift card for you to use towards the purchase of items from their massive catalog. 

They do ship internationally (see instructions and responsibilities.)

Many thanks to UA for their generous donation!

A reminder of the Rules to Enter.


FREE Digital Download

Happy Nurses Week! This is Elisha and Laura from My Scrubless Life– two
expat bedside nurses and we want to say THANK-YOU for all that you do.
Our FREE gift to you is a workbook made especially for this Nurses Week
give away here on TheNursingSiteBlog. It can help any nurse who is
wanting to expand their career options and start their own business.

a great place to start for those who are curious, and ready to take
that next step, but are just unsure as to how they could be of service.
Lets get you some clarity! See you on the inside! Download here.


There are a multitude of  Nurses Week Freebies and Discounts available. Here’s a start to the list…

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