FREE ANA Webinar: Surviving Bullying

The American Nurses Association is presenting a FREE live interactive webinar on Thursday, April 26, 2018 from 1-2:30PM ET, entitled How to Survive Bullies during Your Early Years as an RN

According to the email, this webinar will help you to:

  • Recognize the common causes of bullying among nurses
  • Spot the tactics a bully uses – it is not all in your head!
  • Set limits: Deciding for yourself what is acceptable and what is not
  • Open a dialog with the bully: How to bring courage and calmness to the situation
  • Confront the bully: The best way to call-out the behavior
  • Know when and how to escalate your concerns to your manager
  • Thrive in spite of a challenging work environment: Taking care of yourself

The webinar will be presented by:

Kristy Chunta, PhD, RN, ACNS, BC


Department of Nursing and Allied Health Professions

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Indiana, PA

Community Manager, ANA Faculty Online Community

For more information and to REGISTER NOW

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