Stay Away from Stomach Virus!

I hope that none of you end up with the terrible stomach virus spreading across the country. Most everyone I know who has had it says they have never been so sick. Well I remember a flu in the 1950’s that was worse, but this was one of the worst things I’ve had since then.Read recently that baseball teams at Spring Training have been ravaged by outbreaks. And many nursing and residential care facilities are under quarantine to protect visitors as well as other residents.

The back pain is debilitating and comes from nowhere. The stomach pains are best handled crawling into a fetal position and staying there for a long while. There’s more, but I thinks that’s enough.You know where this is going.

It didn’t last too long, but the exhaustion that follows is difficult when you need to work and you have a lot of family you’re responsible for. You quickly figure out to prioritize everything and delegate what you simply cannot do. (Basic nursing training in action!)

Handwashing has proven to work because no one else in my large multi-generational household has gotten it thankfully!.

Life-work balance is so very important and it’s times like these we realize just how much is affected when we don’t heed the little warnings as our bodies push back against trying to be super nurses!

We must take care of ourselves and dedicate some time to replenishing ourselves. It needs to be something other than using your time at work to get rest from family/home responsibilities!

The flu season has been bad enough this year, and if you’re lucky enough to have missed that, continue to be vigilant and avoid this terrible stomach virus!

photo credit: https://pixabay.com/en/users/ArtsyBee-462611/

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