ACA HAS NOT CHANGED with passage of House bill

Happy Cinco de Mayo! And stay tuned for some really great information prizes for Nurses Week May 6-12.

I also hope you will educate your families and your patients that even though the ACA Repeal and Replace Act passed the House, it is NOT the law! There is a process to be followed. The Senate has to approve it first, but they have already indicated they will not consider it and instead plan to write their own version which will then have to be approved in the House.

And then it won’t become law until 2019!

Therefore NOTHING has changed. Your insurance is the same as it was yesterday! Don’t be fooled or spammed by ANYONE and that includes your insurance company and providers. NOTHING has changed!!! Advocate for yourselves and your patients. NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!!!

This bill was opposed by the American Nurses Association, the AMA and Hundreds of medical associations. We now have a chance to work with our Senators to produce a Fair, Equitable, Quality healthcare fix to Obamacare.

PLEASE call your Senators (each state has 2) NOW at United States Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121. You will be asked to enter your zip code and then directed to your Senator’s office. Likely you’ll be leaving a message so prepare your thoughts on what you NEED in a healthcare bill. Identify yourself as a constituent in (zip code). And ask that they actually READ the bill BEFORE they vote on it. (How many House members read it??? Not many!!) This affects ALL OF OUR LIVES!!!

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