Nursing in the Future of Health Informatics

Modern medicine requires nurses to be aware of new technological developments that deliver a holistic approach to healthcare. Health informatics combines informational science with health care and computer technology in an effort to help better track patient treatment and progress. Health informatics can lead to greater improvements in nursing specifically.

The Technology Streamlines Patient Care
This new technology allows for greater efficiency in current data processes which streamline patient care. Keeping digital records is a way to reduce medical expenses and errors, as well as help eliminate the unnecessary repetition of clinical procedures.

Better Nursing Care through Mobile Technology
Registered nurses (RNs) have always been on the front-line of patient care. Mobile technology allows nurses to use their mobile devices at a patient’s bedside to look up clinical information which reduces errors and saves valuable time. Mobile technology, therefore, is making encounters with patients more effective.

Consolidate and Access Information Faster
The advancement of medical software and record keeping programs help nurses keep accurate and up-to-date records of their patients. This digital data can be retrieved across multiple platforms by numerous healthcare workers much more quickly than ever before.

Bringing Back the Kiosk, Apple Style
Today’s kiosks are smart devices such as the iPad. These modern electronic checkpoints enable the patient’s medical histories to be entered, as well as medications and demographics to be updated. No longer will nurses have to physically hunt down doctors to have them sign off on something, which can be a waste of precious time. Doctors can now easily be notified and sign off electronically.

Health informatics has made a global impact on patient care. Through better data management and ease of information accessibility, the convergence of computer science and healthcare will continue to push for advancements that focus on providing higher quality patient care.

Tyana Daley is a writer for University Alliance, a division of Bisk Education Inc. She writes about career related topics in the nursing industry such as, career advancement through RN to BSN programs. You can follow her on Twitter @Tyana_Daley

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