Nurses Week 2013

Nurses Week 2013 takes place May 6-12. The theme chosen by the American Nurses Association for this year is Nurses Delivering Quality & Innovation in Patient Care.

The ANA offers a multitude of tips and ideas for media blitzes and programs to celebrate nursing at your facility. They also have a nice catalog for gift ideas. You can find all of their information here…

More nurses week gifts are available from sites such as Halo branded solutions.
Take the opportunity to honor yourself and your co-workers for the
excellent jobs you do everyday. Get involved and make a plan. No you won’t be able to offer huge raises, or more vacation time, but
token gifts along with recognition of all that you do to make a
difference are important to all of us.

For additional information about Nurses Week ideas and gifts, you can check out my websites TheNursingSite.com and Housecalls-Online. We also sponsor a Nursing Site Store at Cafe Press.

Happy (early) Nurses Week!!