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It has been awhile since my last post. I recently completed an online interview with BestNursingDegree.com about home health, hospice and nursing in general. (I’m not the best public speaker, but I really hope you’ll enjoy the information!)

I have also bee very busy editing and writing– working on the second edition of The Everything New Nurse Book for Adams Media. The first edition has sold so well they want to update it. Hurray! [It has been updated and published.See the link for the Second Edition.]

Recently I have received notice that The Nursing Site Blog as been listed on a few other sites. Check these out. Here’s the links:
50 Resources for Students Attending Online LPN to BSN Schools

50 Resources For Nurses Attending Online RN Schools

Here’s another blog you might enjoy. It’s a list of 10 Greatest Novels for Nurses   Do you have others to add to the list?

Interested in an online NP program? You might want to check out this article:  MSN vs. DNP Nurse Practitioner Programs — which Degree is Right For Me?

And here’s another good article: 10 Unexpected Careers For Nurses

Do you have a favorite article to share? Leave a comment or send me an email at thenursingsite [at] gmail [dot] com.


  • Lauren

    I am a forth term nursing student, graduating in December. I really appreciated all of links you have provided. The link I loved the most was “10 Unexpected Careers for Nurses.” I love how the nursing field is so transitional and that is the reason I chose it as my profession. From hospital nurses to clinical researchers, nurses can always transition around until they find their niche. I recently had a disaster management seminar at the university I attend and I love how I can be in a profession that allows me to help people in need.

  • Riff!!!!!!

    This is a very good posting and I really appreciate you mentioning to us what other positions we could end up in in nursing. I may take a look at your book as well because advice from a seasoned vet like yourself will be very much appreciated. And not that I am looking forward to further education as far as NP or DNP but that list is also very much appreciated and from what I know the Madonna University DNP program is definitely worth a look for someone wishing to further their education.

  • mizpahlouise

    Nursing is one of the greatest profession and learning more about this career is definitely helpful in order for us to know more about health and humanity. Forums about nursing and blogs of nurses are already one of the resources to know more about this profession. Lately, I stumbled upon a hub about nurses and their favorite fast food. Check this out, eh.
    Pizza – Nurses’ Favorite Fast Meal

  • Cheryl

    You mentioned online NP programs in your blog – I found a site that deals with LPN online programs that I found quite informative – thought others might be interested as well. Thanks for the great blog, informative reading!

  • Lacey

    Great post!
    I'm currently taking prereqs for the nursing program at my school with a long term goal of becoming a neonatal nurse practitioner. The best program I have found in my state is switching this degree from a MSN to a BSN. The article you linked to really helped me understand the difference between these degrees.