From Uniforms to Unions and the H1N1 Vaccine Debate

A few tidbits of info…

It seems New York State has rescinded its mandatory H1N1 flu shots for health care workers policy. With a shortage of flu vaccine, they have decided to prioritize who gets the vaccine and they don’t have enough to go around if they vaccinate all the nurses and other health care workers too.

And from the Washington Post (free registration may be required) comes more food for thought about the H1N1 vaccine.

Unionization of nurses always gets some blood flowing. Here’s something to think about before you make a choice.

On a lighter note….
Here’s an an interesting story about the history of nursing uniforms. I get a lot of requests for this information from high school and nursing school students for term papers. There’s a lot of debate about what uniforms should and should not be for nurses these days and it’s always good to go back and learn about the history of things to shed some light on the debates.