• From Uniforms to Unions and the H1N1 Vaccine Debate

    A few tidbits of info… It seems New York State has rescinded its mandatory H1N1 flu shots for health care workers policy. With a shortage of flu vaccine, they have decided to prioritize who gets the vaccine and they don’t have enough to go around if they vaccinate all the nurses and other health care workers too. And from the Washington Post (free registration may be required) comes more food for thought about the H1N1 vaccine. Unionization of nurses always gets some blood flowing. Here’s something to think about before you make a choice. On a lighter note….Here’s an an interesting story about the history of nursing uniforms. I get…

  • Largest Nursing Union Supports the National Nurse

    More exciting news comes today from The National Nurse campaign. The largest organization (union) of working RNs, known collectively as RNs Working Together AFL_CIO, has issued a statement of full support for the Office of a National Nurse. “As a nurse and a union leader, I believe that creating the Office of a National Nurse is a good way to enhance nursing recruitment and support policies that strengthen nursing education and practice,” says JNESO Executive Director Virginia Treacy, RN. This group of unions includes JNESO and the largest nursing union, California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee (CNA/NNOC), along with 8 other affiliates to represent nearly 250,000 nurses in the U.S.