The Nursing Shortage is Not Over

I’ll admit that I love to people watch. However, it has been a frightening thing lately because I have overheard far too many conversations with young people talking about wanting to become nurses, but there are no jobs.

The recession may have slowed the nursing shortage a bit, because so many older nurses have come out of retirement or semi retirement, but the nursing shortage is poised to be an even bigger problem as a result if all those nurse decide to make a mass exodus once the economy recovers.

New grads may have difficulty finding jobs right now in some markets, but if they expand their options, there are still plenty of jobs available!!! Read more….

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  • Doune

    So many qualified students can not get into nursing programs or have to wait the second time around because the schools can not accommodate them. I don't think that we would be talking about a nursing shortage if that was not the case.