Happy National Nurses Day and Nurses Week!!

Hope everyone has a great Nurses Week. Today is also School Nurses Day (the Wed. of Nurses Week). Student Nurses Day is Friday, May 8, and of course May 12 is the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale who got us all into this (nursing) in the first place! Enjoy!

Take pride in what you do and how you make a difference for someone everyday!

The official 2009 theme for ANA is Nurses: Building a Healthy America…. please continue to weigh in with your opinions about a National Nurse, and contact your legislators to make it happen!!(Scroll down to the next oldest post.)

If you forgot and need some simple Nurses Day and Week token “gifts” such as this postcard,(above) a book mark, a certificate of appreciation or a Nurses Day or Nurses Week card, as well as a nurses hat you can cut out and put together…. you can order a Print Your Own Kit for $10. I’ll send you the .pdf files back by email.

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