Nursing News…

Time got away from me last week so here’s some news to catch up on…

Teri Mills MS, RN, ANP, CNE announced in the National Nurse Blog last Thursday that the Oregon State Legislature has passed a resolution in support of the Office of a National Nurse. The resolution calls on the U.S. Congress to pass legislation creating this office. Oregon now joins Vermont, Massachusetts, and New York in supporting this cause. Don’t forget to sign the Office of a National Nurse Petition if you haven’t already done so. Ask your friends and family who are registered voters to sign too.

Mother Jones at Nurse Ratched’s Place wrote a terrific blog about nurses and unions. Two of the strongest nursing unions SEIU and CNA/NNOC have put aside their bitter dispute to form a powerful alliance working together to support universal health care.

Her blog carefully depicts the situation we are currently in and how we need to use these unions to continue to work for the rights and needs of nurses in order to provide quality patient care. Did you realize that if you factor in inflation, average wages are lower now than they were in the 1970’s and the minimum wage is actually lower than in the 1950’s???!! This is a MUST read….

For all the travel nurses, Epstein LaRue RN announced on her Highway Hypodermics blog that she has a new book out Highway Hypodermics On the Road Again. She’s actually on the road home from Texas and can’t ship them until at least April 5, but they are ready! This is a must have for anyone considering travel nursing!