When Patients Say Thanks it’s Special!!!

When patients thank us for what we do as nurses, it’s really special. And when they take the time to do something unique it’s very gratifying!!

Pete Dowan is a disabled musician who writes and records his own music in his basement in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. He has spent a lot of time in hospitals and around nurses and he wrote a song to say thanks to the Ladies in White. Yes, he knows nursing is not about gender, but his nurses were all women and the all wore white….so go with it and be gracious for his gift and thanks!!!

Give his music a listen on his MySpace page. (You don’t have to register or log in.) You can purchase the music from iTunes or Amazon. There are links on his page or see http://petedowan.googlepages.com.

Thanks Pete for taking the time to say thanks to your nurses!!

image from petedowan.googlepages.com