A Clear and Decisive Election

After eight long years and three presidential elections, we have finally managed to elect a President without hanging chads, and election tampering issues abounding from every corner!! We don’t have to wait for a recount and the results were clear with a wide margin. There were still issues at many polling places, but thankfully, far and above, the issues revolved more around record turnout and long lines than with irregularities.

No matter who your candidate was, the election was for a change fair and clearly evident. This was best accomplished by the huge turnout of voters who wanted to be sure their voice was heard.

Americans voted and their voices were heard in this historic election. Now it is time to come together and resolve the many issues facing this country and the world.

The nursing shortage and health care are issues which are intertwined in the many crises affecting the U.S. and the world. All eyes are going to be on Americans and how these issues are dealt with.

It is important for nurses to continue to work with the new President and Congress to address the issues affecting our profession and health care. Voicing opinions, ideas and complaints is something that nurses have to learn to do in an effective manner. Venting to family and friends is a positive way to help reduce stress, but it is important to learn to become part of the solution.

Take an active role in writing or emailing often to your legislators and to our new President. Voice your opinion on pending legislation and always encourage them to become informed about the issues facing nurses and patients.

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