I for one am ready for this election to be over! It has been the longest campaign, and of course has turned into one of the dirtiest ever! But then there is an awful lot at stake this time. The economy has never been as bad as it is now, and health care in this country has never been at such a low.

As nurses we are part of one of the largest industries in this nation and we have a HUGE voice. There are almost 3 million of of us and we can influence this election and the way this country addresses health care and the nursing shortage. We DO have a voice for a change, and we need to use it. Please be sure to exercise your right to vote tomorrow.

The commentators and comedians are worried that they won’t have as much material if McCain and Palen aren’t elected. Well that’s funny for a moment, but it’s not the major issue in this election! We have all enjoyed some humor, especially in the past few weeks, and we have needed that laughter!!! Thank you SNL!!!

But the seriousness of this election cannot be so easily dismissed. There are a lot of serious and critical issues on the ballots across this nation. Issues that affect human rights and the well being of our citizens…. from teen pregnancy to gay rights, to fixing our roads and protecting our elders. All of these issues affect each and everyone of us and our loved ones.

Please take some time to read carefully about the candidates and measures you’re voting on and make informed choices. Look beyond the ads and the propaganda at the actual proposed measures.

And then when all is said and done, on Wednesday, we need to come together and begin to work together to make this nation great again, and to restore the world’s confidence in us. We need to move forward to ensure that all Americans have health care and that this nursing shortage is taken seriously and met head on with the funding and legislation to help solve this crisis.

Get out and vote, and then do your part to help out so that all of your fellow nurses have an opportunity to vote!