Preparing for the NCLEX

Now that school is over and graduation is or will soon be behind you, it’s time think about that dreaded NCLEX! Many recent grads report phenomena such as waking suddenly from a sound sleep with a panic that they have forgotten everything they learned in nursing school.

BREATHE!!!!! It’s all still there. You have graduated. Therefore you must have passed. Calm down and relax, you will pass your NCLEX too!!!

Many programs have students taking practice NCLEX exams all throughout the program to prepare students and ensure a high passing rate. How did you do on these?

Take moment to regroup and figure out a plan. You just need to study a bit and you’ll find that you do remember it all.

What you don’t want to ever do is get burned out on nursing, leave the profession and let your license lapse!!! Then if you find yourself in a situation where you need to go back into nursing you’ll have to take the NCLEX again….that can be an anxiety attack waiting to happen!!!

Take your ceus and keep your license up to date.

One of the best pieces of advice I can offer you is to…..