Attention New High School Seniors

School may be out and all you can think about is hitting the beach, but if you’re a high school student who is thinking about a career in nursing, there are some things you should be thinking about while you’re enjoying the summer sun.

Most nursing programs have waiting lists. Did you know that? Well you do now. There are some that don’t but they may not be nearby or where you have always dreamed of going to college. So you’re going to have to do some investigating and serious thinking about your plans. You might have to go somewhere else or you may have to plan on an extra year or maybe two in school to get your nursing degree.

A lot of nursing schools have a point system for their admission criteria. In addition to terrific grades and the SAT or ACT, you will probably have to pass an entrance exam such as the NET or TEAS. You may also have to have some experience in the health field either as an employee or volunteer. Some schools require that you become a CNA. Some will give you credit or points if you have worked as a candy striper or in a clinic or physician’s office.

You may also have to write an essay about why you want to become a nurse…. and it should say more than just because you want to help people. You may need to know a bit more about nursing to accomplish this. Think about what you would say and start writing now. You can find a lot of the answers and information you need on The Nursing Site in How To Become a Nurse.

There are a lot of scholarships and special loan programs available to nursing students especially men and minorities, so start your search now! A nursing education can be expensive and you may not have time to work while you’re in clinicals so you’re going to need some assistance.

Applications to colleges will be due in the early fall if you’ll be a Senior, and you shouldn’t wait until the postmark date to get your thoughts and information together! Enjoy your vacation, but spend a little time each day working on your future too.