Around the Web Today…

  • RN Central published a list of 100 Really REALLY Useful Websites for Nurses. We didn’t make the list, so we’ll have to try harder, but it is a great list of resources. Check it out. (I fixed the link…I hope)
  • My friend Aaron has redesigned the Ultimate Nurse website and it’s really fantastic. If you haven’t seen it, be sure to visit. There’s a very active forum and lots of information. If you’re interested in travel nursing it’s a must see site!
  • For more news on the travel nursing scene, check out the Highway Hypodermics Ezine page. Epstein always has great tips and information for travel nurses. Her books are a must read for travel nurses.
  • Another site I love is ERNursey who tells it like it is!!! She’s had some interesting struggles the past few posts. One of the more important points she makes is about bringing children suspected of having chicken pox or measles to the ER exposes others to these very contagious diseases…. let’s educate parents to at least call ahead so they can take precautions!!!
  • Over at RealityRN, there’s a discussion about setting boundaries. This is an issue for anyone who cares for others. Are you struggling with issues of helping too much???

Time to get back to some other duties myself. Enjoy your web surfing. Start a discussion on the Nursing Site Network and share your favorite sites or post a comment here.