Skin in the Game (Book Review)

I recently reviewed another great book for my site at Suite101.com called Skin in the Game by John Hammergren and Phil Harkins. The subtitle of the book, How Putting Yourself Today Will Revolutionize Health Care Tomorrow, gives you a window into the topic of the book.

This is a terrific book about the evolution of the healthcare industry. It provides terrific insight into how we got to this point and what we need to do to resolve the health care crisis. It’s a must read for anyone studying to be a nurse, and anyone continuing their education into areas such as health care administration or becoming an independent practitioner such as an NP.

Hammergren is the CEO of McKesson, the oldest and largest health care services company in America and Harkins is CEO of Linkage, a global organizational company.

Check it out at Amazon.com today!Skin in the Game: How Putting Yourself First Today Will Revolutionize Health Care Tomorrow

photo by Kathy Quan