• New URL

    Image by tattoodjj via FlickrThe Nursing Site Blog now has its own URL: www.thenursingsiteblog.com. You might need to reset your bookmarks. Thanks for reading!

  • Some Must Read Blog Posts for Nurses

    Mother Jones RN over at Nurse Ratched’s Place has a very interesting blog post for this episode of Change of Shift. Check out those uniforms and nursing caps from some “old school nurses” as she relates our nursing predecessors to the challenges we face today as nurses. It’s a great blog post!! Be sure to read the linked blogs as well. Many thanks to Jana at Reality RN for asking me to guest blog!! (Staying When All You Want to Do is Quit.) I hope it’s a timely piece for those of you just entering the profession. It’s going to to take you about a year to get comfortable in…

  • Around the Web Today…

    RN Central published a list of 100 Really REALLY Useful Websites for Nurses. We didn’t make the list, so we’ll have to try harder, but it is a great list of resources. Check it out. (I fixed the link…I hope) My friend Aaron has redesigned the Ultimate Nurse website and it’s really fantastic. If you haven’t seen it, be sure to visit. There’s a very active forum and lots of information. If you’re interested in travel nursing it’s a must see site! For more news on the travel nursing scene, check out the Highway Hypodermics Ezine page. Epstein always has great tips and information for travel nurses. Her books are…

  • Does Flight Nursing Appeal to You?

    I have often been asked about Flight Nursing and how to find more information on this field. Resources have been far and few between, but I recently discovered a flight nurse who blogs about her adventures and is in the process of posting more information about this exciting field of nursing. Please enjoy her blog and subscribe to the RSS feed or bookmark it. She has a lot of valuable information to share with nurses and those who desire to become nurses! And while you’re exploring: Emergiblog has a great edition of Grand Rounds, Volume 4, Number 19 this week with links to many fascinating nurse blogs.

  • Looking for Something Beyond the Bedside??

    Things got a little crazy this week. I was out of town and didn’t have a chance to get anything written here. I did find some interesting blogs for nurses and one that really caught my eye…. Alternative Nursing Careers. It’s a great resource for those looking for a field beyond the bedside. Check it out. Many times I get questions from readers about what else is there and so many hospital nurses who feel stuck and just want to give up entirely. There are many alternatives for nurses.