Entrance Exams and the NCLEX

Well it is now officially 2008. Happy New Year and I hope it’s a good year for you.

I was busy this weekend adding some new content to The Nursing Site. If you’re considering becoming a nurse, you will most likely have to take an entrance exam. Two of the most popular are the NET and the TEAS. And if you’re graduating soon, you’ll be sitting for your state boards soon (also known as the NCLEX). There are many study guides available to help you prepare for either of these exams so don’t panic!

On the NCLEX & Exams pages I have tried to provide you with some advice, links to check out formal information, and a few suggestions for study guides available from Amazon. You can read reviews from others who have purchased these items and find suggested items to supplement these guides from their site as well.

There’s also new content on the How to Become a Nurse page as well.
Photo by Kathy Quan ©2007

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