Before You Decide to Become a Nurse

Before You Decide to Become a Nurse is a series of articles recently added to The Nursing Site for those who are thinking about a career in nursing including Why Become a Nurse, Nursing is Not For Everyone, Nursing as a Second Career, and the Many Diverse Roles for Nurses.

Becoming a nurse is a serious decision and should not be entered into lightly. Nursing programs are impacted and many qualified candidates are turned away each year. Students who are unsure of their commitment to become a nurse and practice as a nurse, should perhaps consider another aspect of health care for a career. Schools are getting better at weeding out candidates who are not serious, but many still occupy space in programs that would be better suited to other students. Nursing is NOT for everyone, so please consider carefully before you decide to pursue a career in nursing.

Students and recent grads need to understand that it can take you a full year or more before you are truly comfortable and have a level of confidence in your abilities as a nurse. Don’t try to rush the process. Practice and perfect your skills.