How the Presidential Candidates Feel About Nurses

Finally on January 3, 2008, the Iowa Caucus will take place and rapidly after that other states hold their elections to start the process of selecting candidates for the November presidential election. If you’re like me, you’ve become weary of all the debates and hoopla. This has gone on far too long. Now finally it will begin to get serious. It’s time now to start paying attention.

The American Nurses Association has been in touch with the candidates from both major political parties to determine how they stand in support of nurses. The ANA has been criticized by some for only showing democratic candidate’s responses. That’s because for the most part the Republicans aren’t talking to the ANA. You can read all about ANA’s involvement and participate in an online vote starting on January 3.

Although ANA does not believe that nurse staffing ratios should be legislated, many issues regarding nurses and the shortage of nurses will be important factors in this campaign.