• Time to Kick Start Your Nursing Career?

    Are you truly HAPPY with your nursing job? If not, do you blame others for it? I know I have. That awful manager who never listens, or the CEO who pockets all the money and leaves us working so short-handed and with our licenses at risk never mind the patients. Grrrr I hated my job! I have spent years working in jobs I hated and blamed it on everyone else. The worst part of the jobs were that the most mundane parts felt like a trained monkey could do them. They were wasting my skills talents and abilities. And to top it off,  they wanted me do even MORE of…

  • Facts About Men in Nursing

    More and more men are finding their career niche in nursing which improves the profession for all of us. Here’s a great infographic with 5 Hyper-Masculine Facts About Men in Nursing from College America. window.amznpubstudioTag = “daretodreampr-20”;

  • How to Become a Nurse if You Have Criminal Charges on File?

    One of the most common questions I am asked concerns how to go about becoming a nurse when you have a criminal record stemming from domestic problems such as a very messy ending to a marriage or relationship. Nurses are the most trusted professionals for Honesty and Ethics as evidenced by annual Gallup Polls from 2002 to the present. That means nurses have to live up to a strict code of standards and need to have a squeaky clean background. Domestic issues can become very messy with charges being filed at every breath. Usually the writer tells me a story of being the victim and says they can get the…

  • Things to Consider About a Nursing Career

    It’s the time of the year when high schoolers begin to make some decisions about college and careers. We certainly hope nursing is something you have been thinking seriously about. Here’s a few things to consider in making your decision…. Before You Decide to Become a Nurse.

  • What Things Do You Think Nurses Know?

    For those considering a career in nursing, here is a dynamic list of 25 Things You May Not Know About What Nurses Know. Everyday nurses get asked what it is that they do and since nursing is such an all encompassing career, some of these may well define exactly what they do everyday.