• Giving Thanks

    I have been missing for a few weeks now. My hometown was pillaged by a mass murder followed less than 12 hours by fires on both sides that devastated an acreage larger than the city of Denver. The fires are finally 100% contained and the healing and rebuilding begins. My home was safe and my family unharmed. Others were not so blessed. We had no time to grieve for the 12 people senselessly murdered on November 7 at 11:19 PM. But our community is STRONG and we began almost immediately to come together to support each other and the families who suffered such devastating loss. Six degrees of separation holds…

  • Working Holidays is Routine for Nurses

    Photo by morguefile.com/mconnors In the past couple of weeks there has been such a fuss about retailers opening on Thanksgiving Day. I have to admit, the number of people appalled that anyone would ask someone to WORK on the holiday made me chuckle. I feel for them, but then, as all nurses know — health care doesn’t take holidays ever!! All nurses work more than their fair share of holidays all year round. In fact, during holiday seasons things can get even more hectic and stressful  than usual. There can be a rush to discharge patients –right now, and then there are the “regulars” who seem to find their way…

  • Happy Holidays!!

    Hope you all have a very happy holiday season. Let us all hope that 2009 dawns with new hope for a good year filled with good health, peace and prosperity for all. Take time to enjoy this time with family, friends, and yes, even your patients. The holidays can be difficult times especially for nurses who have to work. Thank you for all that you do for your patients!! Give yoursel a well deserved hug and pat on the back for a job well done!!! You will make a difference in someone’s life today and all through the holiday season as you do everyday. Take time to appreciate yourself!!

  • Are You Ready for the Holidays?

    Ready or not, we are officially headed into the holiday season this week as Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. The day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday when retailers traditionally begin the holiday sales. With the poor economy this year, retailers started early and Black Friday may not be the wild day it has come to be known for. Regardless, the holidays are upon us! And this one is going to rough for a lot of people! For nurses, the holidays can be even more stressful than for the average person. Sick people don’t get well for the holidays. The shifts have to staffed and vacation time is often restricted during…

  • A Holiday Card Available on The Nursing Site

    I hope everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving holiday! How’s your holiday shopping going? Hope it isn’t stressing you out too much. Stop and enjoy the season! If you’re looking for a card for your staff, fellow nurses or students, I have one available on The Nursing Site. For $5 (through PayPal) you can download and print your own on card stock or even regular paper. Print several, or take the .pdf file to your printer. Take the stress out of wishing your colleagues a happy holiday season!