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Giving Thanks

I have been missing for a few weeks now. My hometown was pillaged by a mass murder followed less than 12 hours by fires on both sides that devastated an acreage larger than the city of Denver. The fires are finally 100% contained and the healing and rebuilding begins. My home was safe and my family unharmed. Others were not so blessed.

We had no time to grieve for the 12 people senselessly murdered on November 7 at 11:19 PM. But our community is STRONG and we began almost immediately to come together to support each other and the families who suffered such devastating loss. Six degrees of separation holds true. Everyone seems to know someone. And as we continue to learn about the situation, more come to light. Wednesdays are forever changed as we remember where we were that fateful night. The terror it instilled in all of us in our Safest City in America community.  #ENOUGH! #NOMORE! #TOSTRONG! For a few days there were no more killings, but sadly they have started again.

Thanksgiving reminded us to be always grateful for our blessings. And this year it was filled with love and thanks! And a huge shout out of THANKS to all of the First Responders and the doctors and nurses who saved lives that fateful night.

Don’t forget to say I love you and hug everyone who makes your world a better place.